Fenyves Thermal Spring

Hungary - Balatonfenyves

of liters of thermal water have been flown to the nature so far.

In 1964 a company started to search for oil in Balatonfenyves. But instead of oil, they found first-class thermal water with calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate.

In the last 60 years since the drilling, 86,000 liters of thermal water has gone wasted from the power of nature per a day. No pump is needed, because this is a positive well. This means that the pressure in the ground (caused by a multi-kilometer diameter swollen lense shaped reservoir) pushes the valuable medicinal water to the surface.
The well that was originally drilled to 600 meters deep - now equipped with a plug at 400 meters. This results in a stable 29℃ water that can be enjoyed by anybody...

...if anybody would know anything about it. But instead, more than 3500 liters of valuable thermal water flows in every hour unused onto the prairie and from there to the forest.

It’s sad! Very sad!

Fenyves Víz
Fenyves Víz
Fenyves Víz